Dear Students: Letter From ‘Western Banker’ Knocks HK Protests… Or Does It?

Marching towards Government House to ask C.Y. Leung, popularly known as "the wolf," to step down. (Screenshot/HKU)
Marching towards Government House to ask C.Y. Leung, popularly known as "the wolf," to step down. (Screenshot/HKU)

It’s no longer business as usual in Hong Kong, where the Occupy Central movement has created a new normal for Asia’s financial capital.

The Nanfang website published an open letter from a man claiming to be a Western banker living in Hong Kong who wished to remain anonymous.

Here are some funny excerpts:

Dear students,

After occupying large parts of central Hong Kong, you have made your voice heard and made your point. Now it is time to go home, so that the Central Government and wealthy people like myself can go back to ignoring you and the problems you are drawing attention to.

…The whole thing has impacted my life and my rights, and the lives and rights of many others, for two basic reasons:

1. Sometimes it takes me longer to commute.

2. Sometimes it forces me to think about issues I don’t want to think about.

Let’s talk about the second reason. As a Western businessman living in Hong Kong, I do not care if the people of Hong Kong can elect their leaders or not. If the mainland destroys Hong Kong’s unique identity, I don’t really care either. If the Central Government ends freedom of the press, censors the Internet, and makes Hong Kong start to resemble the polluted hellscape that is mainland China, then I will just leave. I know that millions of Hong Kong citizens can’t just leave, but that’s life. (Your life, not mine.)

…For the record, Hong Kong is democratic. But as in every democratic society, this comes with unique characteristics. What’s special about Hong Kong’s democracy is that a violently repressive government holds veto power over it.

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