People Who Can’t Stop Watching ‘Gangnam Style’ Almost Break YouTube

Guess how many times Gangnam Style has been watched. Got a number? Okay then. Over 2,147,483,647. That was the limit to YouTube’s old video view counter. That’s well over 2 billion.

Gangnam Style has been viewed beyond that number. People thought the counter broke, but YouTube was just having a little fun with us. YouTube already fixed it’s mathematical limitations in preparation for the era of internet video dominance, and Psy was the vanguard.

Psy and sea of fans

The dude is just too popular. (Image: Republic of Korea/Flickr)

Kim Kardashian couldn’t break the internet with a huge butt. It’s not something you can sit on and crush under your backside like a bag of chips. I don’t care how much rear end you lay down on top of it, it might not budge. It might not bend. Psy broke it with charisma, loud fashion, and silly horse rider dances. He broke it by connecting with people’s lighter, fun-loving side.

Psy 'Gangnam Style' dance

Psy gives the people what they love with his signature ‘Gangnam Style’ dance. (Image: Republic of Korea/Flickr)

Even though Gangnam Style came out in 2012, and kind of led the way for Korean pop to shock the world, people are mostly hanging on to Gangnam Style. Who will be the next Korean pop star to hit the masses? Looks like no one. At least not on such a scale as Psy.

In the internet age of pop music, Psy sits undisturbed at the top.


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