Did North Korea Cyber Attack Hollywood Studio Because of a Seth Rogen Comedy? (Video)

It’s been suspected for a while but now it’s official. Whoever runs North Korea has no sense of humor and they don’t like Hollywood slapstick comedies.

Currently they’re pretty peeved about The Interview, a film where James Franco and Seth Rogen play a pair of media goofballs who’ve been asked by the CIA to:

Assassinate Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea.

The movie is yet to be released but in a complaint to the UN, Pyongyang called it an:

Act of war.

They’ve also issued those typical feel my kind of wrath threats that they’re good at making. Something along the lines of:

Merciless counter-measures.

Katharine Moon, from the Brookings Institution, told NPR that the North Korean regime was taking the film really seriously.

“North Koreans do not have an independent world of art and entertainment. And so they don’t separate propaganda from entertainment. So it’s very difficult for them to understand that the U.S. and many other countries have a completely independent world that’s called Hollywood,” she said.

And so last week Sony suffered a very sophisticated and malicious cyber attack. As part of it the hackers put a number of the studio’s blockbusters online for free.

‘Oddly’ The Interview was not among them.

According to the above video, produced by the UK’s Channel 4, among the prime suspects of the cyber attack is, unsurprisingly, North Korea.

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