This Granny Teaches Granddaughter How to Beat Up Little Boy (Video)


What is the world coming to?

This video footage from Shanghai shows a play area at a theme park with a slide going down into a ball pit.

As the granddaughter comes down the slide, she goes feet first into a little boy who is also playing in the ball pit. It’s hard to say whether they’re related.

Well, this granny becomes quite agro at this point, shoves the little boy over, grabs her granddaughter’s hands, and uses them to slap up the the little boy.

When he tries to defend himself, granny loses the plot, shoves the little boy down again, and then kicks him in the chest for good measure as she carries her granddaughter away.

What can I say? You definitely wouldn’t want to do anything to upset this granny!

Do you think this is any way for a grownup to teach a child?



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