Butter Coffee, a Drink You Should at Least Try: Recipe & Taste Test Video

Coffee is wonderful. Butter is magnificent… What happens when you mix 2 amazing things? Well, depending on your personal flavor likes, it could be glorious or catastrophic.

Butter coffee is spreading like wildfire in the U.S. inside the paleo and low-carb communities.

The combination of caffeine and fats is claimed by some to improve the way your body metabolizes caffeine.

The beverage was popularized by Bulletproof Executive founder Dave Asprey. He was inspired by yak butter tea, a traditional Tibetan drink.

Still, some health advocates consider it’s a bad idea to incorporate this beverage into your diet because you would be replacing what could have been a healthy meal with a meal low in essential nutrients.

Not so sure about Butter Coffee? Take a look at this taste test video!


Butter Coffee recipe:

  • 2 cups of coffee
  • 2 tbsp (at least) of grass-fed, unsalted butter
  • 1-2 tbsp of MCT oil
  • All mixed in a blender
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