This Is Why I Love IKEA, a Store Making Its Way Into Sustainable Growth

One of my favorite stores in the world is IKEA. I know IKEA is not a well-known place to go for a sofa you plan to own for life and pass down to your grandchildren, but you will be surprised with what you can find if you are willing to pay for the quality.

The reason why I like this place as a kid loves Disneyland is not the sets that are carefully assembled for you to get the inspiration and motivation to suddenly decide you need to replace your whole living room, or how they use light to let you know which direction you should go so as not to get stampeded by a group of enthusiastic people trying to put their home together, not to mention their having a cafeteria with bountiful options for kids and grown-ups.

The reason I love IKEA is their comment that they make more from less, turning waste into resources, and even when IKEA uses lumber for most of its products, the company uses sustainable forestry techniques, a fancy way to say that the rain forests did not suffer for your stylish coffee table.

I mean, just take a look at the promo for their 2015 IKEA catalog and my point will be complete.

Buying at Ikea is a guilt-free purchase that makes me feel I am part of a new era where eco-friendly, sustainable energy and style are not antagonistic, but join forces for a better life.

As you can see, there are a multitude of reasons to visit IKEA, even if it’s just to stroll around and get some coffee, so next time you are around, don’t hesitate and join the Hej! movement…

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