The Chinese Call It Jook, and It’s Going to Be Your Next Favorite Breakfast (Video)

Jook or Congee is an Asian dish similar to rice porridge. It can be served plain, complementing it with side dishes, or served with some protein as a meal on its own.

Congee is as common in Asia as grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup are here.

It is so simple and easy to make congee you could say it makes itself. You just take a small amount of rice and add 5 to 6 times more water, along with just a hint of salt. It can be made with rice only, or with a combination of different types of grains, vegetables, beans, or herbs.

Since it is light and easy to digest, it is recommended for people with a weak digestion due to a poor diet or illness. It is also well known as the ideal breakfast.

If you are now into the idea of trying Jook, a.k.a. congee, here is a recipe for you.


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