Past ‘Gangnam Style,’ More Korean Pop Music Set to Invade the United States

Asian American TV channel Myx TV is set to fill the growing interest in K-pop with a documentary and a top Korean music show import.

One of the shows is a reality TV documentary on K-pop hopefuls. It’s set to show how Korea trains its young future stars. Even when those future stars aren’t necessarily from Korea. They take you through all the training, rapping, acting, and dancing that goes into a finely crafted pop sensation.

They even have rap class? Korea holds pop music as a science. Pop stars are groomed and bred from a young age to grow Korea’s economy through entertaining the world.

K-pop wants to burst into mainstream America. Can it?

A question remains if this can really compete with the dizzying pop music scene America is known for. Can Korea crack that mainstream market in the United States another time, as Gangnam Style did? Or can more pop artists from Korea exists alongside American pop artists, and break out of that niche market they hold here?

It will be a fierce battle from Korea’s side, but TV shows like this can drive interest in the thriving Korean pop culture scene.

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