Will MMA Ever Reach Into China?

In the land known for Kung Fu and deep martial arts warrior traditions, is there a place for MMA?

China already has so many different forms of martial arts. Many of those styles are rare and little known. Some are more popular worldwide. But will China hop on the MMA bandwagon like these guys wish?

Can MMA cross into Mainland China without tapping out?

You first have to understand where these guys are. They’re in Macau, a place known for its casinos and entertainment. Macau was a Portuguese colony for a very long time. Macau only returned to Chinese rule in 1999. You can still do things in Macau that you can’t do in the rest of China, due to Macau still being somewhat under a different set of laws from¬†international treaty.

I think that MMA can indeed succeed in¬†Macau, as people already go there for entertainment. They’d be willing to pay to see a fight. Going into Mainland China will be much more difficult.

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