Alien Egyptian Artifacts Discovered in Jerusalem

In a shocking discovery, remarkable ancient Egyptian relics have been found in Jerusalem that could totally rewrite Egyptian history.

The artifacts were discovered in a former home of Sir William Petrie, a renowned archaeologist and Egyptologist who died in 1942, and were allegedly taken by representatives of the Rockefeller Museum shortly after the discovery became known.

The artifacts were found in a secret room behind a large bookcase and could possibly confirm a direct connection between ancient Egypt and an extraterrestrial civilization.


Possible mummified aliens. (Image:Paranormal Crucible)

Among the relics found were the bodies of 2 mummified skeletons of possible alien creatures found in a wooden crate, as discussed in the video.


Ancient alien technology with unknown symbols. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Another artifact found near the 2 possible alien bodies appears to be an alien disk-shaped device of some kind. The object is made out of gold and has a transparent top containing an intricate mechanism also made of gold.

The outer rim of the disc has mysterious symbols that do not appear to be Egyptian.

Screenshot 2014-12-15 20.40.042

Alien face mask with hieroglyphs. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The most intriguing item is possible a fragment from a larger relic. The face is alien in nature and the hieroglyphs seem to depict alien vehicles, as do other Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Why did Sir William store these artifacts in a secret room? Was he hiding them from the public, or perhaps researching them? Maybe all will come to light one day.

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