Did a Mexican Singer and Korean Boy Band Write the Same Song at the Same Time and Not Even Know It?

CNBLUE vs Kalimba
Did a Mexican musician steal the song of a Korean pop group? (Image: "Kalimba-0066" by Stefanovieni - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

The Mexican singer Kalimba is facing intense criticism on social media for what appears to be plagiarism of a song by Korean group CNBLUE.

Some of the comments said:

  • Min Hyuk Kang: “He was already [legally] accused once. He’s just prone to scandals.”
  • Eiffel Pinedo: “The CNBLUE album came out in February. Kalimba’s came out three months ago. The chords are the same.”

Faced with rabid fans of the Korean pop group, Kalimba made his rebuttal on Twitter:

“… We wrote ours in September 2013 and they released theirs in February 2014. It’s IMPOSSIBLE that we could have heard it. And it was IMPOSSIBLE that they heard ours since no version had been made public yet.”

Did these musicians make the same song at the same time and not know it?

Shortly after, the singer wrote again on the matter and indicated that there are legal means to protect the work of artists. He also congratulated the fans of CNBLUE for standing up. CNBLUE has yet to make a statement on the issue.

I’ll leave both songs below. Do CNBLUE’s fans have a point? Let us know. Personally, I prefer CNBLUE’s version.

Kalimba “This Cold”

CNBlue “Cold Love”


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