Spider-Man Would Need More Than Super Powers to Survive Cairo (Video)

In New York, Spider-Man may get the upper-hand but if the super hero had clean up Cairo, Egypt he would be hard pressed just get by.

“Egyptians are struggling with high food prices and trying to find jobs,” says photographer Hossam Atef according to BBC.

“Superheroes would not be able to survive here.”

Twenty-year-old Hossam took a range of photos of his friend in a Spider-Man outfit in what he describes as typical Cairo occurrences, some with a Spidy twist and the results are pretty awesome in a quirky good way.

He’s also currently making a short movie version of Spider-Man’s Cairo adventures which he will upload onto YouTube.

According to the British broadcaster, Cairo last year was ranked 122 out of 140 cities globally.

To see Hossam’s images watch the video above.


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