Broken Promises: Apple Fails To Protect Chinese Factory Workers (Video)

Take a look inside a factory that builds IPhones in China. The BBC sent in undercover reporters to work at a Chinese factory and they secretly recorded their experiences. What they revealed was an exhausted and overworked employee base.

The above video shows people sleeping on their breaks and even falling asleep on the job.

Workers are even warned that falling asleep against machines could cause them to be electrocuted.


Image: Screenshot/Youtube

Image: Screenshot/Youtube


In 2010, 14 Chinese workers committed suicide at another factory producing Apple products. At that time Apple vowed to make changes to create better and more humane working conditions.

This recent video shows that those promises have not been lived up to.

Within minutes of starting work, Apple’s guidelines were broken and the new worker’s IDs was taken. In China, citizens are forced to carry an ID at all times, and not returning the worker’s ID is a way to keep them controlled and helpless.


Image: Screenshot/Youtube

Image: Screenshot/Youtube


The company where these phones are being built is called Pegatron. Guidelines are given that workers should be allowed a choice whether to work nights or work standing up, however, as the video indicates, in this factory no choice is given.

Workers are required to simply do whatever they are asked or told to.


Image: Screenshot/Youtube

Image: Screenshot/Youtube


The BBC’s undercover workers were overwhelmed  by their workload. Workers regularly work over 60 hours a week, which is higher than Apple’s guidelines.

Apple told the BBC that “napping on breaks is not unusual”. However workers don’t believe that Apple cares about them at all. The factory claims they will investigate the BBC’s claims and will take all necessary actions.

Isn’t that exactly what was said in 2010, so how is this any different?

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