This Study Shows That Males Undertake More Risks, and More of Them Die as a Result

More men do stupid things. (Screenshot/YouTube)
More men do stupid things. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Here’s an annual bit of nonsense from the British Medical Journal in their Christmas edition.

It’s a study on whether males or females are more likely to die as a result of really stupid behavior.

In a simplistic but probably quite accurate study by a team from the King Edward VI School in the UK, they looked at all the Darwin Award winners between 1955 and 2014.

Darwin award winners are those comfirmed instances of peolpe meeting an untimely end due to dumb decision making.

Males win hands down on this one, winning 88.7% of the awards.

Not surprisingly, this shows that young men in particular are much more likely to act in ways that can suddenly end their lives.

From BMJ

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