Guess What Device Was Used to Shoot This Film in 4K

Amazing footage, shot and edited and uploaded in near 4K on iPhone 5s.

Michael Zaletel recently released an App that will let you shoot and edit near 4K Video on an iPhone 5S, for $50. The App, called Vizzywig 8xHD is available on the App store.

Incredibly the app allows that:

Your iPhone 5s can capture frames at 3264 x 2448 pixels per frame.

But not only that, as Michael said: “The reality is the world’s fastest full 4K workflow. Pull a small phone out of your pocket, shoot four or five true 4K clips, trim, rearrange, add transitions, lower thirds, titles and credits in 4K and export and upload to YouTube or Vimeo in 4K in 15 minutes.

Ideally you need a $160 Moondog Labs 1.33X Anamorphic adapter lens that enables wide format imaging, preserving the full resolution of your iPhone camera while creating 1:2.4 aspect ratio video and panoramic 16:9 still images.

Wow! For $200 (provided you have a suitable iPhone) we can all be expert film producers and truly record events as they unfold wherever.

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