Activist Plans to Balloon Drop ‘The Interview’ Into North Korea

James Franco stars in political satire comedy The Interview. (YouTube)
James Franco stars in political satire comedy The Interview. (YouTube)

One defector plans to balloon drop copies of The Interview over the border into North Korea. The activist, Park Sang-hak, wants to break the personality cult built around dictator Kim Jong-un.

Beginning this month, he plans to send over the border 100,000 of copies of the film in DVDs and USBs.

It’s not sure how effective the plan will be given that most everyday North Koreans don’t have either a DVD player or a computer.

But full marks for trying.

The movie, which depicts the assassination of Jong-un created strong diplomatic strains, causing North Korea to threaten 9/11 style terrorist attacks if the movie was released in theaters.

But as far as quality film making goes The Interview has fallen a bit short.

It’s met mixed reviews from the critics and it’s apparently up a for a Golden Raspberry Award or two but it’s crude humor does play a role to expose some of the ironies about North Korea.

For instance, outlining the irony around the country’s spending showing that leader Kim Jong-un would rather use money on military weapons than feed his people, and the fact that North Korea runs massive propaganda campaigns to hide their human rights violations.

Though in the long run, it will likely take more than The Interview to help the citizens of North Korea.

For a serious look at life in North Korea see a video report here.

But for something from The Interview itself see a clip below.


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