Journey of True Love: Young Couple Follow Their Hearts on Dream Tour

    Ding Yizhou with his girlfriend and the dog he bought to assist them on their journey. (Image: Sina News)The couple have been hiking and camping locally to warm up for their big adventure. (Image: Sina News)The trio starting out on their love heart-shaped route. (Image: Sina News)

    Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and encourages people to do amazing things even in the face of adversity.

    A romantic young man from Guangxi is helping his disabled girlfriend to travel around China following the shape of a love heart.

    Ding Yizhou has figured out their trip route, and bought a working dog to help pull his wheelchair-bound girlfriend who has cerebellar ataxia.

    So far they have been hiking and camping locally in Liuzhou for two days to warm up for their tour.

    The couple told reporters that they do not mind whether their journey is successful, according to Sina News. What matters to them is having a dream, and going after it.

    Many bloggers were touched by the story, and made encouraging comments:

    • “I hope someone can help them and provide them with car.”
    • “The girl in the wheelchair can’t travel far, though the boy’s spirit and actions are adorable.”

    I hope some good people will help them along the way. We still believe there’s love in this world.

    At the end of this Youku video, the words say: “Let’s wish this young couple all the best in completing their trip of love.”

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