Things You Should Probably Know About Food From China

Food exported to many parts of the world is big business in China. But just how safe are these products that end up on our dinner plates?

Foods tested by Al Jazeera in the video above proved to be highly toxic, containing formaldehyde which is used to embalm dead bodies, and borax which is used to bleach food.

A small amount of pure borax is enough to kill a toddler.

Many homes and restaurants in the Western world use ingredients sourced from China, of course they are cheaper.

One of my favorite staples used to be frozen berries from the supermarket, they come from New Zealand, it says so on the box, so they should be safe.


It turns out China is using New Zealand as a back door to get their tainted products into Australia! And not just berries.

So what happens in your country? It would be wise to become informed before you go for the cheapest products Made in China.

If you are not sure Google to find out!

Watch the video to gain some insight into China’s toxic food scandals.

It might save your family’s health!


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