Black Market Grows for Cat and Dog Meat (Disturbing Photos Inside)

    The black market sprung up in December, and was particularly popular on cold days. (Image: Wechat/Moments)In the space of 10 minutes, a living cat was turned into a meal. (Image: Wechat/Moments)Dogs hanging on a tree by a meat stall. (Image: Wechat/Moments)Although there is fur and blood on the ground, there were still many customers. (Image: Wechat/Moments)A vendor processing a cat. (Image: Wechat/Moments)Baking a cat on a fire. (Image: Wechat/Moments)

    In China, the Cantonese have a reputation for being crazy foodies. There’s a popular saying that: “They eat everything that swims except the submarine, everything that flies except the airplane, and everything with four legs except the table.”

    This food frenzy might explain why there’s a big demand for cat and dog meat in Guangdong.

    Since December, a black market has been firing up near a village in Foshan late every afternoon. When reporters from Foshan Daily News visited this place, a customer happened to be buying a cat at a stall. The living animal was placed in a sack, and drowned in a bucket. Then its fur was removed, and it was baked in a fire. In 10 minutes, a live animal became a dish on a plate.

    As well as the cat stall, there were also some dog stalls. The vendors bring the animals to the market by motorcycle or van, and lock them in cages.

    But the reporters couldn’t see any quarantine or vaccination certificates with the animals. When they asked on stall owner about where the animals were sourced, he became wary, only saying they get the “goods” elsewhere.

    The fresh cat meat is sold for 23 yuan ($3.70) a pound, including plucking and baking, while the dog meat is sold for 19 yuan ($3.10) a pound.  If a customer wants more, they can place an order by phone.

    Quite a few bloggers commented on the news, and some were shocked.

    One said:

    Cats and dogs are pets, not food.”

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