How Feeling Bored Can Be Good For Your Productivity and Mental Health

At every moment we have things to occupy and engage us. If it isn’t cell phones, it’s computers. If it’s not magazines, it’s books and newspapers. If it’s not work, it’s family and house chores. We rarely get a break enough to say we don’t have things to do.

And as soon as we don’t have anything to do, we don’t like it. We feel bored. And that sucks. So it becomes another problem to solve. But need it be solved? Is boredom something we should run from?

Next time you feel bored, know that it may benefit you.

If these studies hold anything of value, we can use boredom in a positive way. It can even be a source for curious thinking, and creativity.

In some, boredom leads to overeating, using drugs and alcohol, and feeling depressed. In others, boredom can be the birthing of a genius. It all depends on what we choose to do, or not do, once we start to feel bored.

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