5 of the Best UFO Photos Ever Taken

An incredible 1 in 7 Americans has seen a UFO. There are over 5,000 UFO sightings every year, with hundreds being photographed.

Although many of these have proven to be fake and manipulated, many others appear genuine. Nearly all the astronauts who went into space saw UFOs following their space capsules.

So what are they, and where are they from?

If even only some of these UFOs are truly alien and are visiting the Earth, why?

What is their agenda, and who or what is piloting them?

Here are five of the best and most mysterious UFO photos that exist. The earliest is from 1942.

I have personally had two genuine sightings, one that flew no more than 20-30 feet over my head, and another experience that I’ve never shared with anyone.

Have you ever witnessed  a UFO?


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