Ever Wanted a Car With a Fish Tank? Well, You Can Get a Driverless One in China

    The Witstar is a concept car that is driverless and has enough room for a fish tank in the back. (Image: cnbeta.com)The fish tank is shaped a bit like a pillow, and fits between the two rear seats. (Image: cnbeta.com)A close-up of the extra passengers. (Image: cnbeta.com)

    Cars of the future will be able to drive themselves, so your experience will be more like an extension of the living room, and you can even bring your pet fish!

    GAC Motor in Guangzhou has created an autonomous electric vehicle called The Witstar. It comes complete with wooden floor, and swiveling front seats so everyone gets to look at the back-seat aquarium, and was just on display at the Detroit auto show.

    Studio engineer Tang Xiaojian told AFP: “In southern China, water means fortune and wealth. So many people will have a fish tank in their home. So in this concept, the interior will feel like your living room at home.”

    Apparently the manufacturer designed another concept car with a fish tank for a dashboard. However, the cars that hit the road probably won’t have fish tanks because they would be hard to keep clean.

    Bloggers commented on the news via Sohu, mostly making jokes about the special feature:

    • “You’ll need to refill not just the gas, but the water too!”
    • “Is the company trying to show that the car is safe, otherwise they wouldn’t dare put a fish tank in the car? Because a glass tank would break easily.”

    Only if the car can bypass and avoid hitting motorized bicycles in China, can it be qualified as driverless.”

    Interestingly, building a fish tank into a car has been done before. In 2011, there was a concept car called “E-linker” that included a fish tank. “E-Linker” was designed by Zhang Fan, the chief designer at GAC, as well as a tenure designer for Mercedes-Benz.

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