This Little Girl Can Make Time Stand Still, Her Harp Playing Is Divine

According The Sydney Morning Herald, music teacher Olga Shevelevich watched as then 5-year-old Alisa sat behind a harp and played a piece that she had just taught her…it was the first time that Alisa had ever played a musical instrument.

This may sound too fantastic to be true, but if a 7-year-old can do what she does in the video below, it’s probably not:

Eleven-year old Russian girl Alisa Sandikova is a genius. Here’s proof.

Music runs in Alisa’s family. Alisa’s sisters Svetlana, 18, and Ana, 16, are also musicians. And Alisa’s cousin is 16-year-old harp prodigy Alexander Andruschenko. Here he is playing Handel’s Harp Concerto at age eight:

Alisa performed at Carnegie Hall when she was seven. She now trains at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory. But young Alisa actually does not own a harp, which is an extremely expensive instrument. Shevelevich, says that she practices two to three hours everyday on a completely broken and out of tune instrument that was lent to her by the conservatory.

Alisa says that she likes everything about the harp. She says: “it’s the softest, most beautiful instrument.” She also prefers pieces by composers such as Mikhail Glinka, that are lyrical and emotional.

She is the youngest member of the World Harp Congress. Those who’ve witnessed Alisa play have many things to say. A comment on one of her many videos circulating on the internet expresses these feelings:

“She’s not just playing the notes perfectly, she’s giving us a lyrical and insightful interpretation. She’s got Music in her DNA, no question about it. Otherwise, how on Earth do you develop skills like that so quickly? I don’t know what personal price she may have paid to get this far, but I sincerely hope she enjoys her life and the beauty that she creates.”

Listen to Alisa and cousin Alexander play us out:

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