Walking on Water: Shaolin Monk Sets New World Record (Video)

A monk from Quanzhou Southern Shaolin Monastery broke his own record on Jan. 19 by running on water, sort of!

Shi Liliang ran 131 yards on water using almost 200 sheets of plywood laid on the surface of Meixi Lake in Changsha City, Hunan Province.

During the first attempt, Shi lost his balance at 61 yards, and fell into the water. However, he was successful in the second attempt. His previous record was 129 yards, according to Sina News.

Afterward he told local media that this skill challenges the sense of balance, and one becomes less effective the harder one tries. He explained that it’s all about speed, stamina, and coordinating one’s breathing, rhythm, and balance.

So far Shi holds the record by a long way. Other athletes have tried to beat him, but the longest distance reached was only 35 yards.

Shi plans to try for 164 yards next time.

You can watch his amazing feat in this video, although it doesn’t look very graceful!

The random scenes of singing monks are from a funny Chinese movie about monks playing soccer.

Research by Lulu

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