What Have Different American Presidents Thought of UFOs?

Although some presidents have been completely ambivalent about the subject of UFOs, others have been very interested in the subject, with several having personally seen UFOs.

Former presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald R. Ford voiced their concerns about UFOs before taking office. As the House Minority leader, Ford even called for congressional inquiries into UFO sightings, but did not follow through as President.

Carter is one of the presidents who personally saw a UFO before taking office, but also did nothing after becoming President.

After WWII, many reports of UFOs around the world became headline news, but no President actively pursued the issue while in office. The military has stonewalled the issue of UFOs for years and continues to do so.

But despite official denials of UFOs, sightings are greater now than they have ever been, and someday government and military leaders will need to reveal what they know, as even astronauts have reported numerous sightings.

Watch this interesting video on how different presidents have treated the subject of UFOs.

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