Scientists Film a Laser Light Path and It’s Awesome (Video)

For the first time ever, scientists have film of a laser flight path.

Shot at 20 billion frames per second, this clip has been slowed down so we can see It.

But Lasers are hard to see and that’s where a team of physicists led by Genevieve Gariepy from Heriot-Watt University in the UK help out.

They used a specially built super-high-speed camera, capable of detecting single photons.

“The challenge was to have a movie of light moving directly in air,”

Gariepy’s team built a camera that uses a 32-by-32 grid of photon detectors, which record the light particles at a speed of around 20 billion frames a second.

“The team arranged the camera to film a side-on view of a green laser firing at an arrangement of mirrors. By firing 2 million pulses over a 10 minute period and subtracting background noise, they were able to build up enough air-scattered photons in the camera to track the laser’s path as it bounced.”

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