This 20-Year-Old Girl’s Dream Seems So Simple Yet So Difficult

Tseng Yushan looks like a 5-year-old child even though she is actually 20. (Image: Epoch Times)
Tseng Yushan looks like a 5-year-old child even though she is actually 20. (Image: Epoch Times)

Sometimes what we consider a small and common thing might be the greatest wish for someone else, like this young woman in China.

Tseng Yushan was born in Sichuan Province in 1994, but her body stopped growing when she was little due to hormonal problems, so now she looks like a 5-year-old girl even though she’s already 20.


Tseng Yushan was born in June 1994. This is her ID photo when she was about 17. (Image: Epoch Times)

When Tseng was seven, a tumor in her pituitary significantly lowered her hormone levels, which made her body stop growing. Now, 13 years later, Tseng still has a child-like face, body, and even mental state.

She still looked like a baby when she was 17 years old, with a chubby face and not much hair.

Tseng’s parents divorced shortly after she got sick. She was begging on the street with her father until he passed away, and then her uncle’s family adopted her in 2013.

She started getting better under their attentive care, her hair grew back, and her face became rosier.


Tseng Yushan lives with her uncle and aunt after her mother left and her father passed away. (Image: Epoch Times)

The strange disease has not only made the girl’s daily life difficult, but was also unable to go to school like other kids. She didn’t enroll for first grade in elementary school because she was too sick. Then, after she recovered a little, she was rejected because she was too old.

Her aunt said that they didn’t expect her to get a diploma, and just want her to speak better so she can live on her own because they can’t take care of her forever.

Tseng’s story has triggered a tremendous response in China. Some people donated money to help her, and many bloggers called for a school to accept her so she can live her dream of getting an education.

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