9 Common Bad Habits of Chinese Tourists (Photos)

Buy, buy, buy! (Image: Dydaily)
Buy, buy, buy! (Image: Dydaily)

The bad behavior of Chinese people has been in the headlines recently, both at home and abroad.

Passengers on planes have been getting up to all sorts of mischief, and things have gotten so bad in Thailand that the tourism bureau there just published an etiquette manual in Mandarin!

So what are some of the common bad habits of Chinese tourists?

Spending money is fun.  (Image: Winshang.com)

“Money is power”. (Image: Winshang.com)

1. Acting like a nouveau-riche

Chinese tourists would even knock on the door of a beautiful cottage in Zimbabwe, saying: “I like your house. Will you sell it?”


Trip equals to taking photos. (Iamge: Baidu.com)

A trip equals taking photos. (Image: Baidu.com)

2. Crazily taking photos

On the beach in Phuket, there’s a group of people wearing neat clothes with heavy SLR cameras around their necks. They’re probably Chinese tourists. They hurriedly take pictures of themselves, the scenery, and other tourists, then they just rush on to the next tour site.


Outside Gucci, Chinese tourists are having instant noodles as lunch to save the restaurant expenses. (Image: qq.com)

Outside Gucci, Chinese tourists eat instant noodles for lunch to save on restaurant expenses. (Image: qq.com)

3.  Chasing petty gains

After eating til they’re full at a grand buffet, some Chinese tourists get take-out boxes for “late-night snacks.”


If we can bargain, everything is like on sale. (Image: qq.com)

If we bargain, everything is like a sale. (Image: qq.com)

4.  Loving bargains too much

“We bought so many bottles of wine, why can’t you sell each a bit cheaper?”


Tourist group. (Image: Takungbao.com)

A Chinese tour group. (Image: Takungbao.com)

5.   Making noise in public

Chinese people like having fun in groups. When traveling, they like talking and laughing in a group, but sometimes ignore other tourists’ feelings.


Sitting on the Bull to take a good photo. (Image: Daqi.com)

Riding the Charging Bull to get a good photo. (Image: Daqi.com)

6.  Doing whatever they like at or to tourism attractions

There are too many bad examples of this, like sitting on the Wall Street Bull.


After Chinese tourist gone, the litters are left on the  ground. (Image: 163.com)

After Chinese tourists visit, there’s litter everywhere. (Image: 163.com)

7. Not putting trash in the right place

Again, too many bad  instances of this happening. Some tourist sites have even had to put up special reminders written in Chinese.


China town in London. (image: Sohu.com)

Chinatown in London. (image: Sohu.com)

8. Failing to do as the Romans do

A typical example would be “forgetting” to pay tips.


Forget about the rules! It's Nonsense. (Image: 163.com)

Forget about the rules! It’s all nonsense. (Image: 163.com)

9.  Knowingly violating the rules

Like smoking in a non-smoking area, even though there’s a sign right there on the wall.

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