Another Economic Crash Is Coming, How Did It Get to This?

As far as the global economy is concerned, things are going to get pretty ugly, argues Renegade Economist’s Ross Ashcroft in this video above by the UK’s The Guardian.

While the video is largely coming from a British perspective, it can be applied across the West given the nature of the issues faced and the linking of our economies.

The big problem, he says, is that the political response to the 2008 crash did not fix the problems and bailed out the wrong people, that being the banks.

Watch this documentary on how the banks won:

Instead, Ashcroft argues that efforts should have gone into creating a real economy, not one based on debt and the spending of vast amounts of credit on unproductive assets, such as housing.

Hang on a minute, wasn’t that how we got into problems in 2008 in the first place?

And today, private debt is at the greatest level in recorded human history.

By ignoring this and instead focusing on the banks, Ashcroft says we are heading for an economic Armageddon.

Ashcroft directed the award-winning independent documentary Four Horsemen, which looked at how the West’s current financial systems are broken and need fixing. It argues the American dream has been lost. You can watch the Four Horsemen below.

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