Weasel Rides Woodpecker. Here Are the 7 Best #WeaselPecker Memes

    The mighty baby weasel that tried to take on a woodpecker. (Screenshot/Facebook)WeaselPecker is the best motivational poster of the decade. (Image: Twitter/@hrh_duke_of_url)There's Vladimir Putin riding the weasel riding the woodpecker, thank goodness. (Image: Twitter/@MoscowTimes)Things get serious. (Image: Twitter/@msteeman)Madonna fell at the Oscars and landed on WeaselPecker. (Image: Twitter/@sabrinabelhouar Then Miley Cyrus came in like a WeaselPecker. (Image: The Poke)Travolta is staying alive on the weasel's back. (Image: Twitter/@AngryBritain)Situation gets Epic. (Screenshot/Facebook)

    It’ll be hard to beat a shirtless Vladimir Putin riding the weasel riding the woodpecker… but let the memes begin.

    An amateur photographer in England got the photo of a lifetime this week. He managed to capture this unbelievable photo of a baby weasel riding on a woodpecker’s back. It’s gone viral, and the funniest people of the Internet have started photoshopping new riders on it.

    The weasel was actually trying to kill and eat the bird, but the pecker escaped the grips of the little carnivore.

    Weasel pecker picked a pack of pickled Putins…

    #WeaselPecker was born. And it was good. Here are the best WeaselPecker pics.

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