Farmer and Son Build Transformers From Scrap Car Parts

The makers standing in front of their home-made transformers. (Image:
The makers standing in front of their home-made transformers. (Image:

Did you think Transformer models only exist in Hollywood studios? Actually, you can find lifelike Transformers in a small village in China’s Hunan Province.

The Transformer models were much higher than the small workshop. (Image:

The Transformer models were much bigger than the small workshop. (Image:

Farmer Yu Zhilin and his son Yu Lingyun collected scrap car parts and assemblies huge Transformers bit by bit, based on online images of Transformers.

These well-made models not only attracted a constant stream of visitors, but also brought in over a million yuan (about $200,000) of annual revenue for them, according to QQ news.

Piles of scrap parts to make the Transformer. (Image: Xinhua. net)

Piles of scrap parts for making Transformers. (Image:

Mr. Yu first got the idea of making Transformers in 2007. Without any external support, Yu spent nearly three years before the first batch of Transformer models in were formed.

After several years of hard work, he and his son created a small workshop specially to build Transformers.

The simple and rough workshop for the crafted Transformers. (Image: Xinhua. net)

The simple rough workshop for crafting Transformers. (Image:

Manufacturing process. (Image:

The manufacturing process. (Image:

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