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Sonya Romero's class room sign. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Sonya Romero's class room sign. (Screenshot/YouTube)

This is a story of just one person making a difference to the most vulnerable… our children!

Sonya Romero is an extraordinary kindergarten teacher. She works at Lew Wallace Elementary in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and will do anything to help her students.

Every morning before class starts, she asks them if they need anything to eat or if they need any clothes to wear.

She also feeds them breakfast. To do this, she takes money out of her own pocket. “I feel like, as educators, we’re sort of the first responders,” she said.

Sonya Romero on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show Image: Screenshot/YouTube

Sonya Romero on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (Screenshot/YouTube)

When two of her students were in need, she delivered in a way that nobody would have expected. Romero, who has a son of her own, took in two students after Child Protective Services intervened.

Originally, they were only supposed to stay for a few days. But when Child Protective Services could not find a home, she became their foster mom.

When someone gave her a $100 donation, she was so happy, but when she saw someone crying on a bench, she turned around and gave it to them.

Hero teacher Sonya Romero:

DeGeneres and her team secretly filmed a video at her school as a tribute.

“When we say we love her, she says she loves us back,” one adorable kindergartner said in the video. Target gave Romero a $10,000 donation and $10,000 in a separate check for the school. If you want to help Romero and her school, Lew Wallace Elementary has listed where to donate on their website.

Screenshot 2015-03-25 22.09.19

Lew Wallace Elementary students and staff showing their appreciation to Sonya Romero. (Screenshot/YouTube)

It’s great to see someone helping our children when they’re in need, and not just looking the other way.

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