Biggest Snake Ever Found in Congo, Guestimated 195 Feet Long?

A monstrous snake nearly the size of a football field is photographed rearing back to attack a helicopter circling above it. Is this possibly true? Watch this video report which analyzes a photograph taken by a highly respected Colonel in the British Royal Air Force as he flew over the plains of Congo.

This report estimates the monstrous snake at around 195 feet long, almost the size of a football field.

It was 1959, and the colonel and his crew were flying back from a helicopter mission when they saw a gigantic snake “winding on the terrain below,” according to Strange Mysteries.

“He circled around for a better look and had one of his flight crew take a series of photographs. As he descended to about 500 feet altitude, the gigantic snake took notice, and reared back as though ready to strike at the helicopter if it dared to come within range.”

Colonel Lierd guessed that the snake was at least 50 feet in length. He estimated that the snake’s large triangular jaw was 2-3 feet wide: “It could have easily eaten up a man!” he said.

A 3-foot-wide mouth could easily eat a crocodile or hippo, let alone a man!

The colonel’s spacial recognition capabilities were most likely honed to a high level through his work as a fighter pilot. His estimates should be regarded seriously. So, why does the photo analysis by CIA Captain Lorenzo W. Burrows, director of the National Photographic Interpretation Center end up three times longer? The video explains the theory.

The key size reference points in the photograph are the two termite mounds and their shadows. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The key size reference points in the photograph are the two termite mounds and their shadows. (Screenshot/YouTube)

According to this report, the longest live snake ever measured was a reticulated python at 33 feet long. The extinct Titanboa is the longest snake known to man, and was 42 feet long.

There were “countless reports from the Kamina area of giant snakes.” So, along with the colonel’s sighting and photos, and the CIA analysis, it’s a wonder there wasn’t a search for the creature carried out. Maybe it’s better left alone!


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