Don’t Miss This Golden Chance to Say Hi to Brown, Cony, Sally and James

LINE FRIENDS love Pingtung. (Image:
LINE FRIENDS love Pingtung. (Image:

You think LINE stickers only exist in the fictional world? Well, then you’re wrong.

To celebrate the International Rice Art Festival, the world’s first LINE FRIENDS colorful field officially opened on March 28 in Pingtung, Taiwan.

Brown, Cony, Sally and James are sitting on a train in a beautiful paddy, waiting for all of you!

The organizer especially set up a 30-foot-long observation platform so that visitors can get a view of the whole 1-hectare paddy with its cute and colorful picture.

Due to its carrying capacity and safety reasons, only 100 people are allowed on the platform at any one time. So visitors need to take a number first and then go to the platform according to a schedule.

Hey all you LINE fans out there, what are you waiting for?


This observation platform is designed for visitors to overlook the whole picture of the paddy. (Image:

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