Use 20% Less Fuel by Putting Your Car in Eco-Drive—Best Tips Here

Some of us do, unfortunately, have to rely on our car for commuting.

If you’ve got an environmental conscience, you can feel less guilty by learning this method of driving.

Eco-Driving will save you money, reduce pollution, and will keep you safer on the roads—pluses every way you look at it!

The simple techniques for maximizing car fuel-efficiency are summarized below:

Tune engine

Check your engine, make sure it’s well tuned, check fluid levels. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Tire pressure

Check tire pressure, as this can affect your mileage. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Roof racks

Remove roof racks and don’t carry items on top of the car unless necessary, as these create drag. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Excess weight

Remove unnecessary excess weight, as weight impacts mileage. (Screenshot/YouTube)


Shift gears early, at around 2000 rpm. (Screenshot/YouTube)


Keep the revs down, stay in higher gears as much as possible, and maintain a constant speed. (Screenshot/YouTube)

3 seconds

Maintain a 3-sec gap with the vehicle ahead. This is much safer and reduces the need to break and accelerate so often. (Screenshot/YouTube)

90 kmh

On the highway, drive at 90 km/h (55 mph), as every 10 km/h (5 mph) over that increases fuel consumption by 10 percent. (Screenshot/YouTube)


In hotter weather, use the fan or open the windows as much as possible, as air conditioning burns extra fuel. (Screenshot/YouTube)


Air con

On the highway, turn on the air conditioning—open windows cause too much drag. (Screenshot/YouTube)

If you follow these simple recommendations, you can save up to 20 percent in fuel consumption. Happy driving.

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