Is This a Poster for a Hong Kong Drama? No, It’s a Gold Fashion Show

This is what a 6.6-pound gold shirt looks like. (Image:
This is what a 6.6-pound gold shirt looks like. (Image:

Some unusual costumes appeared during a hotel event on April 2 in Xian, China.

A male model wearing a shirt made of 6.6 pounds of gold, and two female models dressed in bikinis made of 3.3 pounds of gold attracted the audience’s attention.

The gold outfits were handmade by 30 craftsmen who spent over three month completing the work, which is worth several million yuan.

The designer says that the idea is based on ancient Chinese armor, and combines costume culture with unique gold craft, according to

The male model said: “It’s especially heavy wearing the gold shirt while walking, like wearing three thick jackets at once. I couldn’t even lift my arm up,” according to

Well, I agree with this audience member’s comment which is particularly true in China:

You would feel unsafe even if you wore this at home, let alone wearing it out.

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