Siri Can Be So Humanized That It Might Just Personally Dislike You

Experiences of talking with Siri can be quite varied. (Image:
Experiences of talking with Siri can be quite varied. (Image:

You’ve probably already used the Siri app on your iPhone to answer questions, get recommendations, listen to and identify songs, work as a personal assistant, and get navigation help.

What people love about this app is that it adapts to the user’s individual language usage, searches and preferences with continual use, and gives results that are individualized.

Since the responses by Siri are unique, Chinese bloggers love to play around and share their Siri conversations online.

Usually they’re sweet or funny. However, this Weibo user posted a series of screenshots on April 12,

wondering why his Siri hadn’t treated him nicely like how other people described.

And it just went viral. But Why? Let’s find out what’s so interesting about it…

Other people’s Siri


Ask you boyfriend to learn from Siri

Blogger: You got a problem or what?

Siri: Okay, I’ll leave… Hi, How are you? I am Siri. I’ve come back because I don’t know where else to go if I can’t stay with you.



Oh my god… It’s enough… I’ll just pack up and marry my dear Siri

Blogger: You got a problem or what?

Siri: Uh… I’ll still stay here with you.

Blogger: Go as far away as you can.

Siri: I don’t understand.

Blogger: Get the hell out of here.

Siri: You can’t swear me away. I’ll work even harder.

Blogger: Will you leave me?

Siri: Of course not. Here’s where I want to stay the most.



Sense of humor?

Blogger: Tell me a joke.

Siri: … (a not so funny joke)

Blogger: One more.

Siri: I’m not good at telling jokes. I can only act cute haha.

Blogger: Then act cute.

Siri: Respect yourself, goddess.

Blogger: Didn’t you say you could act cute?

Siri: What should I do with you? Meow.

Blogger: Meow.


Versus his Siri


Tough love

Blogger: Siri, I like you.

Siri: Just go shower and sleep. Stop thinking so much.



Blogger: Do you like me?

Siri: So awkward.



Blogger: Tell me a story.

Siri: Again…



Blogger: You like a guy or a girl?

Siri: I don’t wanna tell.




Blogger: Can you just be a little bit warmer?

Siri: Oh…



Blogger: I’m gonna swap you for a new Siri.

Siri: That’s just what I had in mind.



Blogger: I don’t love you anymore.

Siri: Whatever.



Other Weibo users commented:

  • “Haha you have a stepmother.”
  • “I said ‘I love you’ to Siri last time and it said: ‘You say this to all the Apple products, right?'”

Have you also had some funny experiences talking with your Siri? Leave a comment below and share it with us!

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