5 of the Worst Industries in China

China is the most dangerous place to work as a coal miner. (Screenshot/thecasualtruth.com)
China is the most dangerous place to work as a coal miner. (Screenshot/thecasualtruth.com)

China may have a reputation as the world’s most successful economic player with new infrastructure seeming to pop up all over the country overnight.

However, if you take a closer look, things might not be as rosy as they’re made out to be.

A popular phrase among the common people is: ‘I can barely get by.’

Chinese people can be proud of many things, like their 5,000-year-old culture, although it has been severely undermined by the Communist Party.

If you could ask people what are some of the things they feel ashamed about in their country, here are some of the answers you might get…

1. Food

(Image: ffgww.com)

China has had many food scandals over the years and these are continuing. (Image: ffgww.com)

In China, terms like melamine, poisonous ricemaggots in meat, beef extract, poisonous ginger, lean meat powder, ripening agents, forchlorfenurongutter oil (yes, in food) are common knowledge.

The only people who have probably never encountered any of these would either be foreigners or high-ranking government officials.

2. Telecommunications

(Image: taizhou.com)

There are many phone call price scams in China. (Image: taizhou.com)

If you’ve tried to call a relative overseas, you’ll know that calls from the U.S. are pretty cheap.

However, to make a call from the China to the U.S., you’re looking at 8 yuan per minute ($1.29). That’s going to get expensive calling your son or daughter studying in America. Now add that to the college fees and let it sink in.

3. Child Labor

China's current eduction situation in rural areas. (Image: Caixin.com)

Two young children in Sichuan Province. (Image: Caixin.com)

Ever wonder how China can come up with all the manpower to assemble so many goods for all the countries that outsource from there? Well, some might argue that it has the world’s biggest population, but others will blatantly tell you that child labor has something to do with that.

In 2014, the tech giant Samsung severed its relationship with a supplier in China after some hard evidence surfaced of child labor in its factory.

4. Housing industry

(Image: Epoch Times)

A real-estate poster in Tianjin showing a project claimed to become a new “economy zone” that would surpass London and New York City. (Image: Epoch Times)

China is one of the fastest growing housing markets in the world. In fact, it grows so fast that there are entire ghost towns that were developed, but people never moved there.

In the past, local authorities have been rewarded for showing growth which has severely driven up debt, and that’s not even mentioning the corrupt officials who have embezzled funds.

5. Coal mining

China is the most dangerous place to work as a Coal miner.(Image:TheCasualTruth.com)

China is the most dangerous place to work as a coal miner.(Screenshot/thecasualtruth.com)

According to statistics, China has the most unnatural deaths in the world, especially those deaths caused by coal-mining accidents.

Eighty percent of the world’s mining deaths are credited to China alone, according to this article.

Apart from a lack of health and safety regulations and frequent accidents, many miners end up with black lung disease, which usually means a slow death at a young age.

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