Beautiful Baltimore, It’s About So Much More Than Riots

There is so much to love about the great city of Baltimore. You have world-class cuisine, culture, and of course Camden Yards. The most important and amazing part about this city though is its people.

I want to highlight that in this story, because I feel the great people who make up the city of Baltimore haven’t gotten their fair coverage. With the need for 24/7 live streams and TV loops, perhaps we have lost a bit of the positive message from all this. We should be showing the peaceful (and statistically overwhelming) people in this city who are great American citizens.

The sun rises over a building in Baltimore. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The sun rises over a building in Baltimore. (Screenshot/YouTube)

It’s part of the reason I started writing for Vision Times. I felt a real need in this country (and world) for connected media. For common sense media, for a place where we make information fast and fun, but more importantly we make information matter.

William Faulkner once wrote something that is as true today as it ever was.

Perhaps he was talking about Baltimore when he said: ‘The past isn’t dead. In fact it isn’t even past.’

An American flag hangs proudly above a park in Baltimore/ (Screenshot/YouTube)

An American flag hangs proudly above a park in Baltimore. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Baltimore, a city that played a key role in the American Revolution and the War of 1812. A city that now finds itself in the middle of another budding revolutionary civil rights movement. No, I am not talking about the few looters and criminals who have been widely publicized (for which I won’t put a link here).

I am talking about the overwhelming majority of citizens of that city. The thousands of peaceful protestors. I am talking about women like Shameeka Dream, who founded the Dream Reiki Project, and took sage to cleanse a line of police officers in full riot gear.

Ships sail along the coast of Balitmore. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Ships sail along the coast of Balitmore. (Screenshot/YouTube)

I am talking about men like Jerald Miller, who immediately took to the streets with a broom to clean up a CVS which has burned down in his neighborhood. Women like Crystal Harden-Lindsey, a principal in west Baltimore, who is trying to inspire her students to voice their ideas with education and non-violence.

There are so many more that I want to list here, just know that the overwhelming majority of people in Baltimore are peaceful Americans who are utilizing their right of free speech for peaceful protest.

As a writer for a media site, I take my responsibility seriously. I hope the positivity of this article reaches as many people as it needs to so we can shed light on a great American city, which right now has fallen on hard times.

Night falls on Balitmore. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Night falls on Balitmore. (Screenshot/YouTube)

In appreciation of Baltimore and the great people who live there, let’s enjoy this drone footage of this amazing city, shot by Blue Mantle Media in late 2014, and remember in times like these, let’s have compassion and kindness for those around us.

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