The Ultimate Paper Plane, From ‘The Paper Plane Guy’

Super Canard Paper Plane. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Super Canard Paper Plane. (Screenshot/YouTube)

John Collins calls himself “The Paper Airplane Guy” and he has been designing and making paper planes for over 35 years. He has published two books and won the Gunnies book of records.

Meet John Collins, “The Paper Airplane Guy”:

His day job is a television producer, director, editor, and writer of commercials, infomercials, and stuff like that. He also has a YouTube channel.

World record paper airplane distance:

As a kid, he loved math and science, and for as long as he can remember, he had a fascination with flight.

How to fold the world record paper airplane:

Paper airplanes are inexpensive, easy to replicate, fun to work on, and fun to invent your own stuff, John says. For about 10 years, he studied origami.

How to fold a paper airplane boomerang:

Collins said paper-folding always struck a chord with him.

“I liked the accuracy required, the precision. And I liked the idea that you could take something really simple to create amazing things.”

The Paper Airplane Guy teaches how to make the Tumbling Wing:

Pretty cool stuff, and a load of fun with the kids. Try it, and your kids or friends will be amazed.

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