Wow, There Are so Many Ways to Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival!

Rice dumpling, Zongzi. (Image:
Rice dumpling, Zongzi. (Image:

To enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival, you don’t necessarily need to be Chinese or live in China. Here are some tips!

As you might already know, the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Lunar Calendar, which falls on June 20 this year.

The festival commemorates the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, who threw himself into a river and drowned because of the affairs of his home state, the kingdom of Chu. The Chu people row boats trying to find his body, but failed to find it. They then threw Zongzi into the river to keep hungry fish from eating Qu Yuan’s body.

The following are a couple of activities all Chinese people do during the Dragon Boat Festival. 

Dragon Boat Race

As tourists or people who are interested in Chinese culture, you can also enjoy the Dragon Boat Race.

You can either directly participate in it, or just go and watch it.


Dragon Boat Race. (Image: Epoch Times)


Dragon Boat Race. (Image: Epoch Times)

Making and eating Zongzi

There are many kinds of different Zongzi from different areas using various kinds of leaves, and various combinations of ingredients.

The most common ones normally contain any combination of pork, corn, mushrooms, shrimp, or duck egg yolk. There are also sweet Zongzi, which may contain red beans, soy beans, mung beans, peanuts, chestnuts, etc. Look at these colorful Zongzi. How lovely!


Rice dumpling, Zongzi. (Image:


Meat Zongzi. (Image:


Sweet Zongzi. (Image:

Can’t wait to taste these amazing lovely rice dumplings? Why not make your own Zongzi now! And maybe you can create a new Zongzi flavor of your own!

Besides these traditional rituals, there are some other things you can do to celebrate the festival, and you can always be creative!

Six students from Huanghe Jiaotong University dressed themselves in traditional Chinese clothes and went to a construction site in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, China, on June 18, according to

They brought some Zongzi that they had made to the workers there as presents, and recited Li Shao, one of the most famous works by Qu Yuan. Looks like the workers enjoyed the performance and the students themselves looked happy as well.


Students wearing Chinese traditional clothes. (Image:


Workers watching their performance. (Image:


Students gave workers Zongzi as presents. (Image:

Well, if you don’t like outdoor activities, dragon boat origami might be a good choice for you. You can invite your parents and children to enjoy it together, and the complete paper dragon boats can be gifts for friends. It sounds really great, doesn’t it?

You can follow the video or the step-by-step picture instructions by Epoch Times:


Dragon boat origami. (Image: Epoch Times)

Hope you guys enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival!

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