Who Is ‘Deez Nuts?’ The Boy in the Running for President

"Deez Nuts" aka Brady Olson is running for President in 2016. (Screenshot/YouTube)
"Deez Nuts" aka Brady Olson is running for President in 2016. (Screenshot/YouTube)

When you read about a real estate mogul running for president, it makes you think, well, there was a several-times Mr.Olympia and hollywood-actor who actually made it to governor in California.

But if someone were to ask you about “Deez Nuts” and his chances of becoming president in 2016, well, let’s just leave it at that. The recent development on the stage of American presidential elections has left many people wondering how serious they should actually take politics.

Watch interview from Inside Edition about the 15-Year-Old Iowa Boy “Deez Nuts” running for president :

It’s not a joke. In one of the most tightly run countries of the world, we seriously have a presidential candidate calling himself  “Deez Nuts.” According to CNN: “America has been fooled by independent presidential candidate “Deez Nuts” who was revealed this week as 15- year-old Brady Olson, a boy from Iowa.”

“Deez Nuts” gained traction in some polls this week. So who is the person behind “Deez Nuts?”

The Candidate is registered as an independent from Iowa with the name of “Deez Nuts.” A recent poll presented on WEWS NewsChannel5 shows “Deez Nuts” pulling 9% of the votes in North Carolina, next to Hillary Clinton pulling 38% and Donald Trump with 40%.

The teen behind “Deez Nuts”

According to Ktiv: “Deez Nuts” is actually Brady Olson, a 15 year old boy from Wallingford, Iowa. His little home town has a population of just about 200 people. Apparently Brady just intended his campaign to be a joke, but even he was surprised about the attention his presidential campaign drew on itself.

“It got a little attention when I filed like a month ago but nothing like this,” the 15 year old said.

Brady or “Deez Nuts” as he is known by the FEC, filed his paper work on July 26th. According to Brady he did it because he was upset with the two-party system of American politics. “Hopefully pave the way for more [than] just a two-party system”, he says in a Ktiv interview.

The 15-year old has turned serious about his campaign. In an interview with CBS News he says:

” I just believe that I’m a better option than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or Jeb Bush.”

Meet the teen running for president as “Deez Nuts” in an interview with USA TODAY:

The name Brady Olson chose, he said in an interview, came from a popular internet video. Apparently his younger brother sparked the idea in him. The real “Deez Nuts” is a prankster on YouTube.

Politics seem to be quite a stiff environment, with the recent development however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to take it more serious.

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