What You Need to Know About Street Skating in San Diego

Finnish-born Marius Syvanen introduces the world of street-skating. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Finnish-born Marius Syvanen introduces the world of street-skating. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Skaters often boast that San Diego has always been “killing it.” They also say the City of Villages is one of the mellowest places in California to skate, compared to the much busier cities of Los Angeles or San Francisco.

In his YouTube video, Going Slow Sucks, Marius Syvanen opens with precisely these statements as he looks over La Jolla Shores, from the top of Soledad Mountain.

The rest of the video is a neat insider’s guide to street skating in San Diego. Huck Magazine produced the video in collaboration with Levi’s Skateboarding.

Del Mar train tracks. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The Del Mar train tracks skating spot. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Finnish-born Marius Syvanen grew up in San Diego, which he proudly calls home. Syvanen skates down Bunker Hill, and we follow him in a series of shots as he tells us why he prefers street skating to being in a skate park.

We head to Pacific Drive Skateboard shop — a local business that has been running for over 30 years in Pacific Beach. Syvanen’s motto seems to be: “Going slow sucks.”

For an avid fan of Ozu films (me), I have to say I don’t agree with this view — especially when seeing the footage move in slow motion, I would say: “Going slow rocks!” But hey, it looks fun.

The video follows him and his friends as they throw their skateboards to the bottom of a sand dune, so they can skate along the train tracks at Del Mar.

Pacific Drive Skate Shop. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Trying some tricks at the Pacific Drive Skate Shop. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Throwing skateboards down this hill is the simplest way to get them down. (Screenshot/YouTube)

After tossing their skateboard down, they collect the boards to go skate. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Then the location changes with a quick skate over to Little Italy, to Nelson Photo-Suppliers as Syvanen has some film processed.

Overall the film is very well-shot. There is something about Syvanen’s process of shooting film that wins fanfare, through its presentation, care taken and suspense.

Check out Syvanens Instagram photos.

Sun is always shining in San Diego. (Screenshot/YouTube)

It is rare to see a day when the sun isn’t shining in San Diego. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Pacific Beach. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Jump move at Pacific Beach. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Life looks quite simple and carefree in San Diego.

There is definitely a major-plus with the sun shining 263 days of the year. I have to say watching someone do what they love with a bit of sunshine and music — well that’s my three-minute escape for the day.

Watch the video called Going Slow Sucks:

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