Peanut Butter Is Becoming Unpopular, but There Is a Healthy Way to Eat It

Peanut butter is an all- time favorite snack food for some, but be discerning about which brand you buy. (Image: deborahmiller/Pixabay)
Peanut butter is an all- time favorite snack food for some, but be discerning about which brand you buy. (Image: deborahmiller/Pixabay)

Did you know peanut butter is one of the worst foods for allergic reactions, and the number of allergic people is on the rise? For this reason, many schools and kindergartens exclude peanuts altogether.

If you, a family member or friend have a severe reaction, you should avoid peanut butter altogether.

Aside from this reason, a major concern around peanuts is they contain aflatoxins, or toxic molds. This is due to the fact that peanuts grow underground in damp conditions. Aflatoxins are thought to be carcinogenic and pose serious health risks, when eaten in large amounts.

Are you a fan of crunchy or smooth? (Image: rusvaplauke/flickr)

Are you a fan of crunchy or smooth? (Image: rusvaplauke/Flickr)

Another reason peanut butter has come out of favor, is that peanuts are high in omega 6, and low in the much healthier omega 3. When too much omega 6 is consumed, and the balance between the two essential fatty acids is thrown out of order, chronic diseases are more likely to develop. A diet that is higher in omega 3 is more favorable.

Another fact that makes people wary of peanuts, is that peanut oil has been shown to clog arteries, which can lead to heart attacks. A diet that has plenty of healthful oils, including olive oil, saturated fats, and omega 3 from oily fish is preferable.

If you have a diet that is already high in omega 3, your body will be less able to absorb the omega 6’s — keeping the omega ratio in balance.

In this video, Dr. Axe tells us which peanut butter can be good for us. He says when a good brand of peanut butter is eaten in moderation, as a part of a balanced diet — it’s all good.

Never fear peanut butter lovers, it’s not all bad news:

If you are a little picky about which brand of peanut butter you chose, and look for organic valencia peanut butter — grown in the drier New Mexico area — you can reduce or avoid exposure to aflatoxins. Some brands even claim to be aflatoxin free.

Toddlers love peanut sandwiches. (Image: donnierayjones/flickr)

Toddlers love peanut butter sandwiches. (Image: donnierayjones/Flickr)

You can still enjoy peanut butter, but it’s also good to beware of its pitfalls and be able to make informed choices about what you and your family is eating.

If there is a person in your family, or friend that frequents your house with a severe allergic reaction to peanuts, it would be wise to buy another nut butter from the many types available, such as macadamia nut butter, almond butter, or tahini, as a substitute. 

The writer of this story is not a medical professional, and the information that is in this story has been collected from reliable sources — and every precaution has been taken to ensure its accuracy. The information provided is for general information purposes only, and should not be substituted for professional health care.

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