Fair Dinkum! Calls to Change Aussie Currency to ‘Dollarydoos’

An online petition is asking Australia to change its currency to 'Dollarydoos.' (Image: Thomas Probst)
An online petition is asking Australia to change its currency to 'Dollarydoos.' (Image: Thomas Probst)

As I write this, over 26,000 online signatures have been collected as part of a petition that wants to change the Australian currency to “Dollarydoos.”

Now, if Dollarydoos sounds familiar to you, then you’re a bona fide Simpsons fan. If you aren’t a fan, the term comes from an infamous episode of The Simpsons called “Bart vs. Australia.”

Here’s the relevant clip below, where little Tobias gets into trouble for accepting a six hour collect call from Bart in the U.S. that leads up to a bill of 900 Dollarydoos.

Presumably done out of jest, Aussie Thomas Probst began the petition on Change.org because he believes changing Australia’s currency will help boost the economy.

You never know, Dollarydoos may be just what Australia needs!

Probst addressed his plea to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (who oddly is referred to in his earlier pre-leadership position, but Probst says that this is an issue with the site).

But here’s his idea:

“Due to global commodity prices plummeting, the Australian economy is struggling. That’s why we need something to stimulate the Australian economy, and that something is changing the name of the Australian currency to ‘Dollarydoos,'” Probst wrote.

“This will make millions of people around the world want to get their hands on some Australian currency due to the real life Simpsons reference, driving up the value of the Australian currency,” he said.

“If the leaders of this great nation have any common sense at all, they will introduce legislation to Parliament to change the name of our currency as soon as possible. So please sign this petition to get our nation’s leaders to finally act on this important issue.”

Thanks to its over-the-top stereotypes, and some incredibly bad attempts at Aussie accents, the “Bart vs. Australia” episode is a bit of a cult classic. See another clip below:

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