This Shelter Has Adopted Every Animal, Now It’s Empty and Silent!

All the animals at the Summit County Animal Control have found a new home for Christmas. (Image: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain
All the animals at the Summit County Animal Control have found a new home for Christmas. (Image: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

This is a story that will bring any animal lover to tears. An Ohio animal shelter has successfully adopted out all their animals after a well coordinated ‘adoptathon.’

The director of the Summit County Animal Control in Arkon, Ohio, Christine Fatheree, credits this year’s success to good advertising and to her amazing staff and volunteers. She tells ABC News: “People were coming from pretty far away, and I asked them how they knew about the event. Of course it was social media.”

People who came to adopt the pets were already lining up at 6:30 AM and by the time they opened at 10 AM, there were 300 people waiting in line. On the day, adoption fees were reduced and all the animals were fully vetted, including sprays and neuters.


This is the sixth year they have held the event, but it’s the first time every single animal has been rescued. Fatheree has been in her role for 12 years and said the silence at the shelter was the best sound of all.

A representative at the shelter told BarkPost their success was due to the efforts of many dedicated people. They said: “It was really a collaborative effort between amazing staff and volunteers. To ensure [the event’s] success, many deeply involved volunteers — there’s a hospital nearby and we have several nurses who are, in my words, true rescue warriors — worked with potential adopters and animals the week prior to help ensure good matches were made. We also had nine adoptions the week before, which happened because those adopters didn’t want to miss out on ‘their’ dog, and several were transferred to local rescues.”

One of the most touching stories of the day was an elderly couple who, being unable to have pets of their own, decided to sponsor the first 50 pets adopted; the couple and their donation remained anonymous. When adopting their new pets, the owners were then told their adoption fee had been covered and some cried.

To make sure the animals went to people who genuinely wanted a pet, the adoptathon advertising was not promoted too heavily and posters were put out just in the community.

Fatheree also told the ABC News: “It’s not like other jobs where things can be put off,” she said. “These animals can’t wait. They need homes. To know I was a part of this, it is such a good feeling.”

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