This Sea of Clouds Rolling Through Hong Kong Is Mesmerizing

When you think about Hong Kong, you probably imagine a busy, packed metropolis, home to international business, and high-end shopping. Though the city pulls in a large number of tourists, most of them don’t come to spend time discovering the wonder of its landscape. Even the majority of local residents are unaware of their home’s natural beauty.

Wandering Photography, a trio team of photographers, have devoted themselves to promoting this less-well-known side of Hong Kong through photos and time-lapse videos.

Their most recent production is a time-lapse video showing a sea of clouds from six different locations in Hong Kong, including Tung Shan, Tai To Yan, Dong Yeung Shan, Victoria Peak, Lugard Road, and Tai Mo Shan.

The photographers have a Facebook page, where they share their works with the public. By presenting the beauty of the city, they hope that local Hong Kong people will treasure their own land:

More time-lapse videos can be found in Wandering Photography’s YouTube channel.

This article by Oiwan Lam originally appeared on Global Voices.

[This article has been altered for editorial purposes]

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