Check Out These Handmade Ice-Cream Rolls That Will Leave You Drooling

This is an ice-cream so sought after, people are lining up outside all the way down the side walk. The long waiting time is well worth it at the end — even just for the visual treat alone.

The almost artistic way of how this ice-cream is prepared is mouth-watering, and a treat in itself.

There are several flavors to choose from; banana and nutella, strawberry, green-tea matcha, just to name a few. If you are a fan of eating cold stuff, especially ice cream, and you don’t mind waiting, then this is a “must try.”

Ice-cream rolls in the making

The process is simple — you pick your flavor and pay up front. Then a cup with your name is prepared, into which the base-flavor ingredients of your icecream are added. Once it’s your turn, your name is called up and the magic begins.

It’s really like magic. One moment they place some cookies and banana on the cooling surface, then before you know it, everything is mashed up using two spatulas. Next, a mixture of cream and another — probably secret — ingredient is pored over everything.

And before you can say hocus-pocus, your ice-cream is all rolled up and served in a little cup.

The ice-cream roll texture is firm, but still soft enough to melt at the touch of your tongue, releasing the flavors mixed up previously.

How about some blow torched marshmallow?

Marshmallows? Sure!! Blaze them up! The marshmallow is caramelized using a blowtorch.

Extra toppings? As much as you want! Yup… you can add all the toppings you want and as much as you want!

The taste? That’s like asking someone to describe a sunset at the Antarctica.

You’ll have to find out yourself!

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