Watch This Woman Knock Out This Guy in 5 seconds!

(Image: Screenshot)
(Image: Screenshot)

A man and a woman are in the elevator. The man tries to put his arm around the woman. In response to the unexpected sexual attack, the woman only does three moves to take him down.

This footage was captured recently on an elevator monitor, and has since gone viral. It’s a great demonstration of what a woman can do if confronted by sexual assault in an enclosed, confined space like an elevator. She first hit his face, then kicked him in the groin, and followed up with a knee bend to hammer home his punishment. The man was on the floor in no time!

The brave woman is Du Jiao, who said: “I just wanted to dress up like a woman for a change. He forced me to do it!” Was her tongue-in-cheek reply when being shown the video clip. She has been praised for her courage and precision by many on the Internet.

In fact, Du Jiao is no ordinary person, she is a well-known show hostess and actress, as well as being girlfriend to the number one kick-boxer in China, Xu Yan.

Du Jiao and Xu Yan have been named a perfect couple. A feminine woman matched up with a macho man — they draw attention wherever they go. Privately, Du Jiao enjoys kickboxing, and that’s what brought the two together in the first place.

“She has become so good because she practices a lot on me,” joked Xu Yan when shown the video. They came to know each other a few years ago when Du Jiao was offered a role in an action movie. She sought consultation from Xu Yan for kickboxing moves, and they have been together ever since.

Du Jian and Xu Yan

Du Jian and Xu Yan

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