See What Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla, Did Upon Discovering a Child in His Cage

The brewing controversy coming from the decision to shoot the gorilla that found a child in his enclosure is a result of people not knowing where to place blame.

People who think the gorilla should not have been shot are looking to instances when gorillas protected children who fell into cages at zoos. They are also looking at this gorilla as an endangered species that did no wrong except wind up in a confusing situation.

Experts say that the zoo had no choice but to put the child’s safety first when they decided to shoot Harambe the gorilla. They argued that a tranquilizer dart could upset the gorilla before the tranquilizer ever took effect, and then the gorilla’s actions would be too unpredictable with a child so close to him.

More people are starting to look at zoo safety and trying to figure out how a child could sneak past guard rails so quickly and easily. If so, then the zoo is to blame for the incident, as parents cannot feel totally safe knowing the separation between human and wild animal is not sufficient enough.

Nobody knows exactly what Harambe’s next actions would have been, and nobody wanted to wait to find out.

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